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To be added to the waiting list, please forward your name, location, game count and 

host preferences to the Drapl mailing list at or

Please note that the emails are not checked on a daily basis and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  

As soon as we receive your email we will send you a form to fill out regarding your venue, list of machines, rules you would like to implement if you decide to host.

We appreciate what hosts do for our league and we want to make sure that all members are aware of your rules.  We would require a picture of your basement showing off some of your collection and we will post this picture and your rules under the schedule section of our web site upon approval.  Note that we do not post host address information on this web site for security reasons.   All members must join our below forum inorder to receive email alerts of location and address info prior to an event.

Forum Mailing List

The Drapl mailing list is a great way to stay in touch between meets. In addition to discussing league issues and activities, the list allows you to ask questions and talk pinball with a targeted, regional audience.

Where do I get parts for my machine? How was last week's auction? Where are we playing next Monday? These are topics we see all the time. You can join even if you're not a regular Drapl member; Durham-area collectors and players are welcome.

To join the Drapl mailing list, you need to register with Yahoo! Groups. Registration is free. In addition to giving you access to the mailing list, registering unlocks our organizational site, which contains the league calendar, archived list messages, and much more. 

Simply go to to begin or click below link to Drapl.

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Toronto area residents that wish to join the Toronto Pinball League forum, please select the ToPL logo and you will be re-directed to their forum where you can get better informed of events that may be occurring within their league.   It is all about playing pinball and you are not limited to being a member of one league only.  We encourage everyone to be better informed and to take advantage of the many venue's you can attend to play pinball.